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Semen, Embryos & Sale Cattle

David has joined in partnership with Moeskaer Polled Herefords in Denmark to offer semen from some of the worlds top Hereford bulls to breeders in Europe. All bulls we offer have passed EU required test for AI use and can be imported to most countries. We work very hard to source out new bulls to collect and import in to Europe and openly accept any information on potential bulls. Below is a list of bulls we currently have semen available for sale, along with a link to our semen brochure.

We have been working very hard this fall to source the next bulls to hit the market in North America that will qualify for EU and we believe we have found some great ones so stay tuned for those bulls to be announced!!!


Semen Sires

WTK 37A Heston 017D

Moeskaer Salute 994 ET

Remitall Super Duty 42S

Harvie DAN Hidalgo ET 193U

CCR 57G Stamina ET 199S

Double-U Real Good 333R

Wilgor SqD Big Northern 1S

Semen Brochure



We over a wide selection of embryos available for sale from some of the top cattle in North America along with great selection of donor cows in the danish herd at Moeskaer from some of the top genetic lines in the world. Contact us for more information on available imported embryos along with possible flushes from some of our in herd donor cows.

Donor Cow Brochure


Sale Cattle

We offer a wide selection of cattle for sale at all times. The Moeskaer herd is run on a high health status and qualifies for export to most EU countries. We have a large selection of embryos calves available for sale out of some of the leading sires in the breed such as Star Lake Dandy, Moose, Beyond, Super Duty, Stamina, Big Northern, KJ Investor and several others. Many of these pedigrees are outcrosses to European genetics and can only be obtained from embryos. Contact us for full information on the current available cattle including pictures. We will work with you to ensure that the cattle meet your criteria and all export requirements. We also can communicate in several different languages if english is not your primary language.


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