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Cow Herd

The foundation females of the DMR herd came from the Grosvenor herd in Ontario with the purchase of Grosvenor Honey 1G 125M and Grosvenor Henrietta 29F 225P. These females were used to build the herd and established a solid base with a focus on good structure, sound udders, and performence. All the cattle had been Igenity tested for genetic disposition for several traits and all animal scored high in the Igenity scoring system.

Embryos had been collected from Grosvenor Henrietta 29F 225P prior to the 2007 dispersal so that the herd could be re-established with some of the same genetics it was built on.

The Honey cow family

The Honey cow family is a long establish cow family in the hereford breed which goes back to the Gold Bar herd. Our Honey family was established with Grosvenor Honey 1G 125M who has produced several herd sires and the first female to carry the DMR prefix



Honey 1G 125M as a yearling at the Maritime Fall Fair & as a 3 year old with DMR 125M Honey 1R

Sire       James Elm Single Arrow 1G      Dam       Grosvenor Honey 615C 312H

Full pedigree and EPD's can be found on the CHA web site at the following link Honey 125M


DMR 125M Honey 1R was the first female produced to carry the DMR prefix and has proved to be a great female. Her first calf was an impressive heifer that is now a productive female in the Hirsche herd. Honey 1R's second calf was a bull calf raised at Hirsche's and was in the 2009 sale. Grant had this to say about them "A nice young cow we purchased from David Ross. She has a good udder. This guy has a lot to offer. He shows his Dad’s thickness and depth of body. He indexed 130 for REA and it shows it." From this same cow family a daughter from DMR 19D Honey Eclipse 1T has scored in the TOP 1% for REA EPDs and 4 of traits for the whole breed. This goes to show that these females very functional even in one of the top herds in the World.



DMR 125M Honey 1R as yearling & as a 2 year old with DMR 19D Honey Eclipse 1T.

Sire       Gateway Lad 15L



DMR 19D Honey Eclipse 1T at Bonanza 07 & in the pasture at the farm.

Sire       NJW 1Y Wrangler 19D .



The Henrietta cow family

The Henrietta line again goes back to the Gold Bar herd and in 2004 we purchased Grosvenor Henrietta 29F 225P from the Grosvenor herd after the success we had with the purchase of the Honey cow. Henrietta was an excellent show heifer and turned into a great mother with loads of milk in her perfect udder. Her first calf had a birth weight of 74 lbs and was a lively calf. Her very successful show career as a yearling coupled with her great preformance as a cow had given David justification for flushing Henrietta.



Grosvenor Henrietta 29F 225P as a yearling and Grand Champion Female OHW 2005

& as a 2 year old at the Maritime Fall Fair with DMR 14L Henrietta Lass 1S.

Sire       CS Boomer 29F       Dam       Grosvenor Henrietta 926Y 409H.

Full pedigree and EPD's can be found on the CHA web site at the following link Henrietta 225P



DMR 14L Henrietta Lass 1S as a yearling at Bonanza 2007

Sire       STD DOM J Jet 20J Launch 14L


The Janette Family

GH 286P Janette 21S was purchased with Kimbrook Farm from Grant Hirsche in the 2006 Adams Hirsche sale for Hayley to have her own cattle. Janette was an impressive heifer calf with lots of growth and thinkness for a 2 year olds calf. Her and her mother were shown as a pair at the National Show that year at Farm Fair. She developed into a great yearling keeping that thinkness and perfect structure. Her pedigree contains some of the the best horned cattle in the breed like JV Pearl 809 and Kingston 90M. The milk in her background meant she should develope into a great cow which she did. She is now back in the Hirsche herd where she is making a great cow. Janette has to be one of the most gentle animal I have ever come across, her nice going disposition was great with Hayley showing her all summer. The pair of them had a special bond with each other.


Hayley and Janette winning Grand Champion at the Maritime Hereford Field Day 2007

Sire       GH Pearl's Pride ET 286P       Dam       GH Kingston Jane 66P

Full pedigree and EPD's can be found on the CHA web site at the following link Janette 21S



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